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Aims and scope
Limnetica publishes original research articles on the ecology of inland waters. The scope of Limnetica includes the ecology of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, coastal lagoons and wetlands, as well as biogeochemistry, paleolimnology, development of new methodologies, taxonomy, biogeography and any aspect of theoretical and applied continental aquatic ecology such as management and conservation, impact assessment, ecotoxicology and pollution. Limnetica will accept for its publication scientific articles presenting advances in knowledge or technological development, as well as as papers derived from new practical approaches on the topics covered by the journal.

Limnetica is an open access journal that publishes two issues per year.

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Current Limnetica

Volume 37 (1)
Pablo H. S. Picapedra, Cleomar Fernandes, Gilmar Baumgartner and Fábio A. Lansac-Tôha
2018. Volume 37 (1): 19-31

Featured Limnetica

Volume 29 (2)
Belmar O., Velasco J., Martínez-Capel F. & Marín A.A.
2010. Volume 29 (2): 353-368
Mejor artículo Jóvenes-AIL 2010-2011


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